Gonzalo Lavin senior worked next to Javier Arana in the design of well known golf courses in the 50`s and 60´s. Amongst these: Club de Campo Villa de Madrid, RACE in Madrid or El Saler, in Valencia.

 In 1982, our father, Gonzalo Lavin, started working with Seve Ballesteros on the golf course design business. In 1984, we both started working with the greatest european golf player of all time. For over 27 years we both have had the privilege and honor of learning the profession of golf course design business next to Seve Ballesteros.

In early 2013, and after Seve's passing on the 7th May 2011, we decided to continue working as golf course designers and transmitting our knowledge and experience next to Seve into new future projects.

The name of our company, Magnolia Golf Design, is a tribute to our friend and mentor Seve Ballesteros.  Magnolia Tree was Seve's favorite tree, and after his passing in 2011, his ashes rest next to a Magnolia at his home in Pedreña. All our projects are based on the ideas we developed with him; his thoughts, the design philosophy we built together, and the way of thinking  he had when designing a golf course.

In case you are thinking about designing and building a golf course development, we both invite you to contact us and give us the opportunity to show what we can provide you.


Baldomero Ballesteros, Maestro and Professional Golf Player, as well as Severiano´s elder brother, Baldomero has been Seve´s top collaborator in all of his companies – in his Golf Tournament Organization Company (Amen Corner), his Golf Course Design Company (Trajectory) and in his sports career companies (Fairway and Golfers).  In summary, he has been the maximum person in charge of the Ballesteros companies for over thirty years.

Baldomero will now contribute his vast experience in all facets of the golf world to our company Magnolia and will be the maximum guarantee that Seve´s legacy is entirely continued with regards to the design of golf courses.

In order to do this, Baldomero places his trust in Gonzalo and Antonio Lavín, the same collaborators who have worked worldwide for Seve, as well as for Baldomero himself, for over the past twenty-seven years, in Seve´s previous Golf Course Design Company - Trajectory.

Gonzalo Lavín, civil engineer specializing in environment and forestry (ingeniero de montes) studied at the Universidad Politécnica, Madrid and graduated in 1985. He grew up amongst golf courses that were either under construction, since his father had a golf course design and construction company, or whilst practising his favourite sport. 

This interest allowed him to focus his higher education towards this technical area, and for his final career project he designed a 9 hole golf course as an extension of the already existent 27 hole golf course Club de Campo Villa de Madrid. Years later, Severiano designed these 9 holes and the Project and Supervision work was executed by Gonzalo for Seve´s design company Trajectory.

Gonzalo´s experience has developed not just in Spain but all over the world.  He has been the maximum person in charge of projects signed by Seve in Japan, Philippines, Thailand, France, England, Ireland, Portugal, etc…….., for more than 25 years.

During this period and whilst visiting construction work with Severiano, they developed a particular style which can be appreciated in all their work carried out together.  In spite of the sad passing away of Seve, his philosophy will continue.

And so, Gonzalo Lavín, alongside his brother Antonio, who have been top technicians for Seve´s company for nearly three decades, now have the commitment to continue to develop his legacy on future golf courses.

Antonio Lavín was academically formed at the Universidad Complutense Madrid.  His lengthy experience started many years before attending university, since he practically learnt to walk amongst golf course construction machinery of renowned prestige, thanks to his father´s profession.

Although indeed his most specialized research was established whilst working alongside the most charismatic European golf representative, Seve Ballesteros, for over 25 years, performing work of the utmost responsibility within golf course design and projects all over the world.

During this time and closely working with Severiano, design foundations were established and concluded in the understanding of natural golf design.

In absence of the great master, Antonio´s present commitment, alongside his brother Gonzalo, is to develop the legacy created, since for a quarter of a century they have been the top technicians for Seve and have executed Seve´s ideas on the land assigned for golf course construction and so converting the environment into playing area.